Downspout Disconnection


Toronto City Council has approved a bylaw making it mandatory for property owners to disconnect their downspouts.

Rainwater runs off a roof, through the eavestrough  system and discharges into a downspout connected directly to the sewer system.

During heavy rainfall, the sewers become overloaded, increasing the risk of basement flooding and releasing polluted rainwater into our local waterways.


To help deal with the problem, the City has made downspout disconnection mandatory, city-wide.

It is being introduced in three phases. Visit the web page if you need to disconnect.



Disconnecting your downspouts will help:

  1. Reduce the amount of water sent through the sewer system
  2. Reduce the risk of basement flooding
  3. Reduce the polluted rainwater into our local waterways
  4. Store and managing the rainwater
  5. Using and paying less water
  6. Protect your home and environment


Eclipse Roofing LTD offers skilled licensed downspout disconnection based on Building Code of Ontario.