With the maintenance associated with wood siding came the desire for an alternative. Aluminum siding fit the bill and has evolved over the years into a very low maintenance and popular siding choice for homeowners. Aluminum siding is a commonly-used exterior wall cladding that is known for its light weight and durability.

Aluminum siding typically has an exterior coating to provide colour and durability.

Depending on the location of the home, as well as other factors, aluminum can be an excellent siding choice. However, as with any siding, there are pros and cons.


The thicknesses of aluminum siding  range from .019” to .024”, commonly referred as  27 to 23-  gauge aluminum

The thicker the material, the more resistant it will be, the more it will cost and it will have longer life expectancy. Premium aluminum siding have a life expectancy from 30-35 years and it will it will require to repaint  4-5 times during the lifetime. The aluminum siding once it is repainted it will have the fresh new look.

Deeper lap profiles.

Types and textures

Aluminum siding comes in strips and has perforated holes at the top for fastening into the exterior wall and interlocking flanges top and bottom to seal against weather.

Aluminum siding it is known for its light weight. Because of the light weight is easy to install which makes it cost effective when it comes to labor and transportation.

The aluminum siding panels, same as the vinyl siding comes both in horizontal and vertical format.

Clapboard, Lap, Board and Batten

The most common horizontal panel is the clapboard and lap siding profile.

Lap style siding is available in single, double and triple "courses". Courses are the rows that represent wood boards in a single piece of vinyl siding.

The panels are made in 12 feet lengths and different  height.

Vertical panels  siding is another option with aluminum siding. A common variety is the board-and-batten style which uses vertical "boards" accentuated by narrower battens, also oriented vertically.

Board and batten siding creates an exterior look that provides bold vertical shadow lines that dramatically reproduces early North American architectural style.

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Pros and cons of Aluminum Siding

Advantages of installing Aluminum siding

Low Maintenance Reasonably Good Durability

1. need painting  every 10 years     1. relatively durable product

2. no need to caulk joints.                             2. won't rot like wood-based products

3. wash easily with a hose and soap              3. isn't threatened by pests

4. recyclable                                                4. numerous styles/profiles and colour selection

5. low cost                 5. fireproof

Disadvantages of installing vinyl siding

  1. dents  if it's hit hard.
  2. scratches
  3. needs professional painting
  4. seams Noticeable
  5. Risk Of Fading and becoming chalky

4.   Not easily repaired.

What To Look For

  1. Product Thickness
  2. Deeper Lap Profiles
  3. Certified Siding/Installers
  4. Foam Backing
  5. Wind Speed Rating


  • Lower range of moderate, economical compare to other choices ( brick, stone, stucco or, wood and cement siding)

Longboard® (Premium aluminum siding)

Longboard®  products are designed for contemporary residential and commercial projects.6

The perfect solution for achieving all of the richness and beauty of wood without the maintenance. Longboard®  is aluminum soffit, siding and privacy screen available in a wide range of woodgrain and solid colour finishes.

The wood grain and solid colours applied to Longboard®  are AMMA 2604/2605 certified, this gives our finishes superior resistance to weathering in the critical areas of color and gloss retention

Since 2005 Mayne Coatings Corp has been providing high performance powder coating services to a variety of clients working on high-end buildings.

Our own product line, Longboard Products, has been well received by the A+D community. Collaborating with architects, engineers and builders has been invaluable to improving and enhancing our product line.

Attributes of Longboard®:

  • Non-combustible

   (ASTM E136, CAN/ULC S114)

   TAS 202, 203 and ASTM E8: 100 PSF Design Pressure

  • 15 Year Non-Prorated Finish Warranty
  • Made from high grade architectural aluminum
  • No Maintenance*
  • Won’t rot, warp, peel or fade
  • LEED Credits
  • Impervious to insects
  • Comes in 24 ft. lengths in 3 profiles

    (4″ V-Groove, 6″ V-Groove, 6″ Channel)

    20 wood grain color options

    48 solid color options

    11 metallic color options

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Corrugated metal panels (steel)

Common forms of metal siding include steel sheets and corrugated panels. Steel is harder and stronger than aluminum but is susceptible to rust.

Most of the metal siding are used on industrial and commercial building but it is preferable product from architects that design modern houses.

Pros and Cons

7Advantages of installing metal siding

  • Durable product
  • Available in various styles and colours
  • Low maintenance - doesn't require painting
  • Mainly used  on industrial and commercial buildings
  • Fireproof
  • Can offer a seamless look because depend on the panels
  • Steel can be “green”
  • Can be easy to repair

Disadvantages of installing metal siding

  • Impractical or difficult to paint
  • Colours can fade
  • Can dent if struck
  • Steel can rust if raw edges are exposed due to improper installation and/or the protective coating is scratched.

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