Flat Roof Installations

Eclipse roofing specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of various residential and commercial flat roof systems. 

The most common flat roof systems we are install use a torch down method, to fully adhere the two-ply modified bitumen membrane system.

The difference between varying flat roof systems is the method of application, layers, and flat roofs are typically built on top of existing metal, concrete or wood roof decks.

The finish on a flat roof can be selected in a number of different colors, styles and textures. The most requested colours to be installed by our company are traditionally black and now grey or white for their reflective and ECO friendly properties.

The benefits of a flat roof system is that they are extremely flexible and will expand or contract while remaining water tight. Flat roofs are extremely durable in changing climates and harsh weather conditions because of these properties. 

They are easy to install, maintain and repair too!